Mobile Suit Gundam: Zaku Strike Typing One Year War [J] Sunrise / eFrontier 2000

Typing software that uses the character of "Mobile Suit Gundam" and develops another Gundam Story that depicts one young man awakening to a new type through the one-year war. The newly created 200+ 3DCG mobile suit images were recorded together with the nostalgic theater release video, and that name line was also newly recorded by the original voice actor at that time including Mr. Toru Furuya who played Amuro. We have prepared a practice stage where you can practice the basics of typing according to Seira's instructions, and all eight battle stages from Zaku to the confrontation with the strongest mobile suit. You can adjust the game's difficulty level to 3 levels according to your level.
Japanese ISO Demo 481MB (uploaded by myloch)

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