Risk of Rain Hopoo Games / Chucklefish 2013

This is a roguelike platformer with a sci-fi setting. The player is the lone survivor of a space train that got shot out of orbit and crash landed on a mysterious planet. Each stage starts with the player spawning in a random spot. The first aim is to find a teleporter, also randomly spawned somewhere in that stage. When the teleporter is found and activated, it will take 90 seconds to be fully active. During this time, several enemies will spawn, including a boss. After the teleporter loading time is complete, the player must then kill all enemies that are left in order to be teleported to the next stage. One distinctive feature of the game is that difficulty increases over time: a difficulty bar is shown in the top right corner of the screen. Every five minutes the difficulty increases one level, so the quicker the player finds his way out of stages, the easier the later stages are. In order to keep up with the challenge, the players must equip their characters with items that were being carried by the space train. There are more than 100 different items (most of which must be unlocked), each with a different effect, such as inflicting damage to enemies as they approach the player, increasing healing rate, slowing down hit enemies, double jump, etc. The effects are stackable, so if two or more items of the same kind are collected a multiplier will be added to it. Items are dropped by boss enemies, but are more commonly found in locked chests. To unlock chests, players must collect money dropped by enemies when killed. Money is also used to activate drones that will help the player. Players can choose different characters, each one with different skills. Every character has 4 different actions, like different weapons or defensive maneuvers, plus one usable item slot. There are 12 different characters available, but they must be unlocked by finding items or performing some achievements.
GOG ISO Demo v2.10.0.14 196MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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