Kaspar I Nudådalen [Sw] Pan Vision / Vision Park 2001

This is based on TV's Christmas calendar 2001 where you play adventure games with Kaspar and Lisa. It's based on the books about Atom-Ragnar by Mikael Engström. It's not a traditional door opener but an adventure game that takes place in Nudådalen in 3D and 2D environment. On the voyage of discovery in Nudådalen you encounter several people from the TV series - Kaspar, Lisa, Morfar, Åhman, Atom-Ragnar, and others. You have several overarching assignments that must be maintained all the time. Keep the heat in the cabins, speed up the lift in the ski slope so you can practice jumping or shoveling snow. Every day in December, you also get access to new adventures or games through today's secret code, but you have to find each place before you can start playing! You can then decorate gingerbread houses, fly the Christmas tree to Stortorget, drive the chainsaw park race, train figure skating and much more. It includes the voices of ia Per Oscarsson and Johan Ulveson.
Swedish ISO Demo 268MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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