Woodii: Kluriga & Luriga Datorspel [Sw] Active Media Group 2002

In 'Fun and Furious Games' you can practice a variety of things. In the game Four in a row you play against the computer and compete for who comes first to four in a row. Good training for logical thinking. Collect all coconuts and avoid getting stuck or getting into any obstacles. Good training for dexterity. Fly with Woodii through the clouds, steer clear of all enemies and collect all balloons. Good training for dexterity. In the jungle version of Othello you play against the computer and will try to get all the insects to be colored to your color. Good training for logical thinking. Compete against the computer, get three colors in a row. Control the color balls to the right place. Train problem solving. Beat the plank in the head of the nasty snake. Here it is to be faster than the snake. A very fun game to train your reaction ability.
included in Woodii Gamepack - Swedish ISO Demo 486MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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