Woodii: Sifferjakten [Sw] Active Media Group 2002

In the number chase you get to practice different numbers from one to a thousand. In the jungle bowling, a fun and educational game, you must hit numbers in numerical order. In the jungle, you control Woodii and the hippo against the right numbers. Good training for dexterity. Dig numbers in numerical order. Watch out for any monkeys trying to disturb you. Good training for perception. Control Woodii through all levels to capture numbers in the correct order. A fun game for anyone who wants to practice fine motor skills and endurance. Control and jump with Woodii to the various plateaus. Find the right numbers and capture them in numerical order. Funny and fun. The happy parrot says the right figure, then it is up to you to shoot the right figure as quickly as possible. You use slingshot to hit right. Fun and good workout. What do you learn: Numerical Training; Simple Math; Main Count; Multiplication; Addition; Subtraction.
included in Woodii Gamepack - Swedish ISO Demo 486MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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