House of Hell Tin Man Games Pty. Ltd. 2016

An adaptation of the #10 gamebook, first released in 1984, of the Fighting Fantasy series, extraordinarily set in present-day Earth -- and as the title suggests, unfolding according to conventions of the horror genre. The player begins, as in Uninvited and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with their car broken down in a rainstorm before a mysterious manor. Entering in search of help, the player soon determines that the house is filled with various kinds of horrifying monsters, and while wandering through rooms named after demons from medieval grimoires, uncovers a coven of devil-worshippers. The dangerous player-led circuit through the house, following choices presented in lists, culminates in an encounter with The Master, a demonic force who must be overcome by the application of a magical Indonesian kris knife. This being Tin Man Games' second Fighting Fantasy adaptation, they have forgone the modern streamlining of their prior contemporary horror work and returned to the classic SKILL and STAMINA stats to calculate to-hit and hit point odds (when compounded with simulated die rolls). Additionally, this game incorporates use of the FEAR metric, which indicates a point of terror beyond which the player character cannot meaningfully proceed.

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