Forest of Doom, The Tin Man Games Pty. Ltd. 2014

Following up on their work on Blood of the Zombies and House of Hell, Tin Man Games are engineering further mobile conversions of old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. This time, they take on the shady paths of Darkwood Forest in The Forest of Doom, a 1983 gamebook last computer-converted for 8-bit home computers in 1984. The basic premise remains the same -- that a formidable magical hammer has been stolen from the dwarves of the town of Stonebridge, and that the player's adventurer is charged with Bigleg's dying breath to locate and retrieve its pieces from the evil-infested woods, with some shopkeeper help from the nearby wizard Yaztromo. The games are played much as the books were -- illustrated passages of text are read and viewed, ending with choices to be selected or skill tests which must be overcome, pitting die rolls (virtual in this case) against character statistics generated by the player at the beginning of the game. Timely use of such inventory items as are located in the woods is also required to successfully complete the game, and thankfully, the CPU does all the housekeeping and heavy lifting here.

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