Starship Traveller Tin Man Games Pty. Ltd. 2015

Journeying through space, the Starship Traveller is sucked through a black hole and is flung across space into a parallel universe. Using your crew, your wits, and by exploring strange and bizarre planets, you must discover a way back to your own universe. Otherwise, you'll be stranded forever! Starship Traveller is an adaptation of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook of the same name. You start the game by naming your ship and crew, as well as rolling for their stats. Your crew consists of Medical, Science and Engineering Officers, each specialising in their own fields, as well as a Security Officer and two guards, who are trained in combat. You play the game by reading sections, which end in choices - selecting a choice branches the story off to a different area for you to explore. As you travel through space, you reach planets, and you must pick a set amount of crew members to beam down with you. Depending on your choices, you may be vulnerable on hostile planets, or require the advice of your various trained crew. In typical space-faring fashion, you'll encounter hostile aliens who will engage you in ship combat, as well as phaser fights. Before phaser fights, you can choose to set your phasers to stun or kill, but each option comes with its own risks. Stunning is more difficult to pull of, whereas an outright kill may prove disastrous if you're trying to meet new inhabitants. Your ultimate goal is to find the correct space and time co-ordinates for your return black hole destination, which can successfully send you back home. As with Island of the Lizard King, Starship Traveller has a map, which this time plots out your progress across space. The gamebook features entirely new full-colour illustrations, and features various achievements for the player to earn which encourage them to experiment and explore various paths.
ISO Demo 180MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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