Faith Airdorf Games 2017

A year after an exorcism gone horribly wrong, a young priest returns to the cursed house to finish the job, armed with only his crucifix and his faith. Deep in the dark woods, the player must find the front door key and enter the house, inside which a fateful encounter awaits. This is a horror game with a retro aesthetic. The graphic mimics a pixelated 8-bit look, and dialogue is created via an old text-to-speech program. The game requires quick reflexes to complete the action sequences, while thorough exploration of the environment rewards the player with back-story lore. The player can meet his demise at the hands of demons, and the crucifix is the sole means of defense. It can be used to scare away demons by quickly holding it up while facing the monster. The crucifix can be also used to exorcise ghosts out of various items in the environment, causing documents to appear that reveal bits of the story. A Deluxe commercial version available for $1 includes: an updated build of FAITH that allows you to continue your saved game after you've exited the application; The full FAITH soundtrack (in .mp3 format); 5 desktop wallpapers; 5 phone backgrounds; 5 extra icons for the FAITH executable and/or shortcuts; Email alerts for sales and discounts for FAITH merchandise (players can opt out if they want); Free downloads of future FAITH Deluxe builds.
Free Game 39MB (uploaded by

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