Worse Than Death Benjamin Rivers Inc. 2019

Release Date: TBA A New Horror Adventure from the Creator of Home. This is a scary, emotional thriller about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong. You play Holly, a tough, smart, 28-year-old who returns home to confront her past, only to face a nightmare she could never imagine. As she runs for her life, desperate to rescue her best friend Flynn from a terrible force that's hunting them both, Holly must survive unexpected truths about her home town, her friends, and even herself. A Hair-Raising Adventure - Run, leap, crawl and hide through eight chilling locales in this pulp horror adventure game. You'll solve puzzles, use items that you find, and unearth terrible truths. But watch out! You'll have to make careful use of your environment to slip past the unseen horrors that now haunt the halls of your wretched home town. Make too much noise near a monster and it'll hear you, sending you fleeing to the next room for safety. Features: The second adventure in our small-town horror saga; smoothly animated 2D visuals fused with original, high-res art drawn entirely by hand on an iPad Pro; Action-adventure gameplay that sees you crawling under objects, vaulting over obstacles, and racing for the nearest hiding spot to stay safe; Horrible monsters that you can't see - but that you can track using lights, sound, and even Holly's own heartbeat; Rich, 3D positional audio that will get under your skin; A dark, unsettling soundscape punctuated with music by Canadian rock-and-roll band The Secrets; Play with keyboard-and-mouse or gamepad; switch between the two at will.
Download: None currently available

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