Creatures: Life Kit #1 Mindscape Inc. 1997

This is an add-on for the life simulation game Creatures. It offers three new variants of the Norn creature, and new items such as a plant killer, observation kit, cages, a Grendel scarer, crystal balls, potions and lotions. Three new Norn variants. Genetically different, they express distinctly different characteristics and behaviors: The Purple Mountain Norns, The Forest Norns, The Ron-Norns. Observation Kit - One-stop status display for all your Norns. Grendel Scarer - One stream of this zaps ugly greenies back to the trees. Creature Cages for quarantining Norns or capturing Grendels. Crystal Balls - Portable teleporters that give you great short cuts. Potions and Lotions - 5 Different concoctions to cure any Norn ailment. Cloud Layer Butterfly - Flutter around Albia before laying its eggs in the clouds. Also Includes: Cave Fly, Bedtime Bear, Albion Carrot Beetle, One-Shot Honey Jars, Shee Seed Launcher, Coconuts, Christmas Pack, New Object Injector, Desktop Pictures, Smashing Jugs, Carrot Variants, Bees and Honey Upgrade, Preview Genetics Kit, New Program Update.
included in Creatures Deluxe - Clone ISO Demo 401MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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