Pop 'n Pop Taito, Dreams / CyberFront, Vektorlogic 2000

This is a puzzle game, first in arcades in 1998, similar to Puzzle Bobble; the player's goal is to release colored bubbles from the bottom on the screen within a limited amount of time, trying to match three or more bubbles of the same color. The difference in this version is that bubbles cannot bounce on the walls; the player can only release them vertically. The game features characters from various Taito games, such as Bub and Bob from the Bubble Bobble series, Tiki from The New Zealand Story, the dwarves from Doko Doko Don, and others. This PC version is a slightly stripped down version of the PS1 version, with two game modes missing, and the three unlockable characters missing. Available options include: Story Mode (1 Player with advancing difficulty); 1 Player vs Computer; Player vs Player; Challenge Mode (Test yourself on your skill).
ISO Demo (provided by Tatsumi & upped by Scaryfun) 115MB

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