Hoyle Card Games 2011 Encore 2010

Ready to get in the game? Then pull up a chair and deal yourself in to these exciting card games from HOYLE, the #1 brand in family entertainment. This features all of your favorite team-style and solo card games from Old Maid and Canasta to Solitaire and Poker. Learn new games, refine your strategy and play the cards you're dealt, all in the company of the personable HOYLE characters. Brand New and Improved: Large, easy-to-read playing cards; New Slots games - video blackjack and video poker with single and multi-hand action; Select a regular set of characters to join in the fun; Exciting animation; Competitive games, Solo games and Team Games. Hoyle Highlights: Use Hoyle Face Creator to design your own player; Select from a variety of card fronts and backs, customize characters, adjust speed of play and more; Rules and tips available for all games; Shop by using your "winnings" to add selections/upgrades to your characters and "trophy room." Special HOYLE 2011 Features: Classic; Astro Jack; Backroom Blackjack; Special 21's; Video Blackjack - all featuring exciting animation when player gets a natural (21 in the first two cards dealt); Video Poker; Single hand with 17 varieties to play and; Multi-hand with 3 varieties to play.
ISO Demo 680MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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