Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride - Active Play ImageBuilder Software / Disney Interactive Studios 1998

This encourages children to sing and play as they romp through the Pride Lands on a safari of fun, and join Kiara and Kovu for a whole jungle full of excitement. In addition to enjoying arts and crafts, sing-alongs, and puppet shows, kids will share plenty of laughs with friends Timon and Pumbaa. There are also masks and wacky animals to print and play with, and seven original songs. This is a collection of mini games based around character's that featured in 'The Lion King II', Kiara, Kovu, Rafiki, Timon & Pumbaa. All the games are represented by different animal paintings/hotspots in Rafiki's tree house. Rafiki's paints - takes the player to a mini game where they can construct their own pictures and print them. The giraffe picture open s a mini game where the player makes music. They use the mouse to feed different fruit to four giraffes and a monkey, each fruit causes the animalit's fed to to produce a short musical phrase in appreciation this producing a tune which can be recorded and saved. The player's voice can be recorded too. The elephant picture triggers a pattern matching game. A troop of elephants lines up but cannot set off to march until their line is complete, it's the player's task to select the appropriate elephant from a small group and add them to the line. As the game progresses it becomes harder with the differences becoming less noticeable, for example instead of looking for an elephant that's the right colour the player must look for the right colour and the right shaped ears, while later stages have more than one elephant to add to the line. The picture of the monkey starts a 'Simon Says' kind of game. Four monkeys line up on a log and dance in an ever increasing sequence. After each sequence has completed the player must reproduce it, if they are successful all the monkeys celebrate and the process is repeated. There's a picture of hippos which leads to a logic puzzle game that is based on the sliding block kind of puzzle. In a pond there are several hippos all of which are coloured purple apart from one which is coloured bright pink. Hippos can be moved forwards or backwards by clicking on their head or their behind and the object is to clear a path so the pink hippo can reach the shore. Again as this puzzle progresses it becomes harder by introducing logs which, though they move in the same way as the hippos, are twice the size and therefore take up more space in the pond. The final picture is of a lion and this opens up a simple treasure hunt style game. In a picture of an African scene are hidden eight lion cubs and the player simply has to move their cursor around the screen until it turns black, indicating they have found a hot spot. Once a hot spot has been found the player clicks on it, a cub appears and gives a cute little roar, and the process is repeated until all eight have been found at which point all the cubs appear and roar. This game can be played over and over as the cubs hide in different positions each time. There is a final game in the Pride Lands which the player can only access once all the mini games have been completed. Throughout the games Kiara and Kovu sit in the lower left of the screen giving encouragement while Timon and Pumbaa provide off screen comments and occasional on-screen humorous moments. Though all the mini games are single player, the game allows five different people to save their progress as marks on a tree, progress is saved automatically. All the mini games are played with the mouse and the game plays in a fixed 640x480x16 resolution.
Full Demo 265MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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