Pupil: Wandering VR Spoon Network 2019

Early Access Release This is a Ghost-Hunting featured horror game initially on Playstation in 2018. It mainly focuses on the following three main features: GameStory, Horror Performance, Moon Lantern. Steam version adds "Flat" movement method in the bottom of main menu UI. You can switch between "PathFind" and "Flat". It's a horror AVG VR game based on Orient Ghost Story. The game tells a girl named Yue Lan received one letter that from her sister in hometown, after Yue Lan left home three years for further study. Something has changed when Yue Lan return home and discover the truth that what has happened to her sister. The first charpter is only about the startup of the whole story, and the following charpter two to four will explain the rest of story and also reveal the truth that linked with Yue Lan. The game focuses on providing excellent horror events not jump scares, but more linking with puzzle and the story, to make the game smooth horror performance for players. Also we take advantage of 3D spatial ambient audio as game clues to help you to solve the puzzles. About the puzzling itself, we abandon the traditional way, making new style of puzzle according to the VR type. Moon Lantern - Different from other indie horror games, we add battle system into our game. Player will encounter some ghosts that will attack players. You need to use moon lantern to defend yourself, and also this moon lantern could not only be used as weapon, but also could be used as tools to make special item revealed by its lighting. When it detects ghosts, the lantern will go red; when it detects special items, the lantern will go purple. About the full version, the battle system will have more depth on its system to increase the gameplay of horror. So the chapter one will be just a warmup.
Download: None currently available

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