Bubbles the Cat Team Cats & Bears 2019

Leap, blast and bob your way through over a hundred levels of cute platforming action. 125 levels set across six different worlds - from coastal caves and brass factories to neon cities and magic castles. Multiple objectives in each level provide extra replay value and rewards for smooth, speedy runs. Tight, responsive single-button controls that support joypad, keyboard or mouse. Collect bubble powerups that mix up the gameplay and turn Bubbles into a destructive wrecking ball, a ghostly spirit or even a dimension hopper. Customize Bubbles the Cat with dozens of hats, different colours and even trails - all without any micro-transaction shenanigans. Boost features allow players to freely modify the game's difficulty so you can play how you want. Bonus secret levels that will challenge even the most hardcore of platform gamers. Unlockable game modes and secrets. An absolutely bangin' electronic, jazz-inspired soundtrack, bubbling with busy beats and meowtastic melodies. If you like cats, hats and platforming, you're going to like this game.
Download: None currently available

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