Clam Man Team Clam 2019

Snacky Bay is a mid-sized underwater community located under the water. Our prime exports are artisan sandbags, the musical group The Cuttleboys, and of course, SNACKY BAY PRIME MAYONNAISE. Whether you've come to see some of our famous landmarks, (like that one really big building and the fountain outside the really big building) visit one of our famous museums, (The Contemporary Cart Museum features some of the finest modern carts of all time, including golf, go, shopping, and horse!) or perhaps sample some of the local cuisine, (Mama Bass gave me horrible diarrhea. It sucked, but my brother went there too and he was fine, so I guess it could still be good. The Beefy Reef is pretty decent too.) you can be sure that SNACKY BAY is the one location you won't want to miss out on for your next vacation. This message was sponsored by the Snacky Bay Prime Tourism Office. This is the story of the Clam Man. Intriguing, isn't it? Yes, it's true - he is a clam and yet also a man. This is not a topic of debate, it is fact. We've confirmed it while working on this game. Using science. But to be more specific: This is the story of a man, recently promoted to junior sales representative, enjoying the comforts and leisure of lower-mid-level office work. However, things suddenly take a turn for the worse, and the Clam Man is cast into an adventure full of danger, suspicion, and mystery. Join him, as he unravels the conspiracy behind the tragic event that befalls him, and fight to restore CLAMMY JUSTICE to the world of Snacky Bay. Features: A story full of twists and turns and a huge amount of strange jokes; More than 20 unique and strange characters to interact with (I really like the jellyfish personally); A spectacular original soundtrack; Lots of plants; Phone calls; Puzzles; Knots; The most evil bad guy in the history of evil bad guys; Anime fight scene; Our boys in blue; And of course, a duck. It's a point'n'click adventure game, with an emphasis on story rather than puzzles. We wanted to create a game focused on the parts we loved about old school adventure games - the story and the jokes. It's a simple, entertaining game where you explore the world and interact with it's inhabitants. Oh, and we did throw a few puzzles in here and there, too. Do you enjoy story-driven games? Do you enjoy absurd and strange comedy? Do you want to relax and play a game where the primary objective is to make you laugh at said strange comedy? Have you got a thing for ridiculous underwater settings and weird, nonsensical stories? Then this is for you.
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