Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Prophecy NeocoreGames 2019

A stand-alone expansion to the action RPG game Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr. Add-on puts at our disposal a new class, which is entirely devoted to one chapter of the feature campaign. It revolves around its story campaign comprising three chapters, one of which is dedicated exclusively to the new hero, the representative of the Tech-Adept class. The story is connected with the plot featured in the base game, and it will is bound to satisfy both those who played the base game and new players. It's based on the solutions introduced by the base game as part of Update 2.0; it raises the character level cap, improves the performance of systems responsible for generating loot and gaining experience points, improves the end-game phase, and makes the game more dynamic than before the release of the update. New Class: Play as a Tech-Adept Inquisitor. Summon and enhance units to help defeat enemies and complete investigations. This new summoner class comes with new unique abilities and mechanics, a unique skill-tree and various new melee and ranged builds. New Campaign: The story of Inquisitor – Martyr continues in three new chapters, with one chapter solely focusing on the Tech-Adept, as its story slowly ties into the main plot. New Environments: Players can discover huge monasteries, hazardous factories, unforgiving deserts and ruthless worlds engulfed by lava and volcanoes. New Enemy Races: Inquisitor – Prophecy adds the Eldar and the Tyranids as new enemy races. New Gameplay Mechanics: will be based on Inquisitor - Martyr’s 2.0 update, bringing the base game’s new level cap, redesigned loot-system and leveling, its new end-game, the co-op campaign mode, new items and a much faster, ARPG-focused gameplay to the stand-alone expansion as well.
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