Hooligans / Pay Day Ace Platinous Family / Lemon Interactive 2001

As an adventurous and money-raising warrior, you can take part in the worst kind of reality show program, in which you can only defeat your opponents and win the main prize with cleverness and brutal force. This is an arcade game in which we play the role of the title hooligan and ruthlessly fight for money. In the brutal world there is no place for the yellowfinches, everyone worries only about themselves, and the opponents are only inconvenient obstacles in the way of our common rascal, which should be eliminated as soon as possible. In the concrete jungle of the future there is a game for money. The most exciting entertainment for people is the TV show with a big win - "Hooligans". Players taking part in it are not afraid of death and will do everything for a high financial bonus. Spectators love this program because they love watching participants make fools out of each other. In the game we play the role of one of the players, and we have to do everything in our power to win and win the main prize. We can use a variety of tactics (target shooting, traps, etc.), which will allow us to eliminate our opponents. Everyone defeated leaves behind coins, which should be collected and thus increase our fortune. Multiplayer mode also allows you to compete with friends on your local network or over the Internet.
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ISO Demo 453MB (uploaded by redunka)
Multi5 ISO Demo 525MB (uploaded by redunka)

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