Hoyle Card, Puzzle & Board Games Encore 2012

Play 150+ variations of your favorite card games and more than 1,000 variations of classic puzzle games. Turn your pastime into pure pleasure with Hoyle Card, Puzzle and Board Games. You'll enjoy game-enhancing features during every minute of play. Features: Learn, practice and master over 20 classic cards games; Over 25 exciting puzzle and board games; Large, easy-to-read cards; Modern in-game interface design; In-game statistics and achievements; Play Poker, Bridge, Hearts, Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Dominos, Canasta, Spades, Gin, Pachisi, Mahjong, Wordox, And Many More. Play your best hand with Hoyle’s largest cards ever. Action has never been this close. Modern Interface - Easy-to-use menu and in-game navigation system deals you into the game faster. Advanced Settings - Player profile system and customizable game features gives players more control. Competitive Games - Track your progress with in-game statistics and achievements.
ISO Demo 1.51GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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