Froggies 123-D Software Inc., Duckfoot Technologies Inc., Webfoot Technologies Inc. 2002

Froggies is a reskin of '3D Maze Man'. Get ready for some furious maze based action as Froggie tries to outwit his diabolical enemies. Froggies is a classic, easy to pick up, simple to play, but a little more difficult to put down. Frantic arcade fun for the entire family. Run, Jump and crunch your way through loads of swamp, lake, river and ocean levels. Use the ramps, jumps and secret doors to outwit your enemies, but be careful you don't trap yourself in with something nasty. The object of the game is to achieve a high score by guiding a Frog around a maze eating worms. Each worm eaten scores a point, additionally, each bug encountered and knocked off the maze also scores points as do keys that are collected. Within the maze are giant bugs. If these are encountered after eating a piece of fruit then they are defeated and more points are scored, any unempowered encounter costs a life. When three lives have been lost the game is over. There are three worlds to explore, Swamp World, River & Ocean World, and Lake World each with its own set of levels. The game has sound effects and music, both of which can be disabled, and a high score table. It is played via the keyboard, the arrow keys move the character and the space key causes it to jump.
ISO Demo 32MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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