Pew Dew Redemption Enki 2019

Dive into the role of Pew and fulfill your destiny as the last independent content creator. Face and Destroy the company and all of its subjects to bring peace and freedom back to the internet. The Great Subwar ended a long time ago. The struggle of the content creators however never came to an end. The company has taken over the whole world. Their new article that has been passed will result in full censorship. Felix! You're the last independent content creator! Will you watch how the world falls apart or will you fight? The world has fallen into darkness, and only a 29-year-old who yells about memes and makes videos called "I Broke My Ass" can save it. The setup of this game is honestly pretty funny. This free Steam game turns Pewdiepie's competition with Indian music channel T-Series into a dark, rainy, apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the internet and the implied fate of all humanity. It's a bad game, a mealy beat-em-up in which you hit a bunch of robots with a large studded letter P (for Pewdiepie, see).
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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