Dawn of the Lost Castle HappyGame / WhiteLakeStudio 2019

Welcome to the Lost Castle. R U READY for some challenge? Guided by an old treasure map, Jess is now standing in front of a castle. With all these ruins around, the castle seems to be abandoned for a long time. A light glittering at the top of the castle, exuding a feeling of mysterious... Jess knows, this won't be an easy adventure. Search every inch of the castle, discover the secret of it, gather all the item it needs to finish the game. Some monsters have entrenched themselves in the deep of the castle, defeat them to make your way into the central of castle. Find out the chests laying in the corner of castle, notice all the hints that were given. Features: Well-designed game map, shortcuts inspiring players to discover & gather; Light, physical, movement, jigsaw, maze, number...all kinds of puzzle waiting for your challenge; Use different functions of your weapon to defeat enemies or get through special obstacles.
Download: None currently available

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