Toki Microids / Anuman Interactive 2019

This is a remake of an action platform game, which was released first in arcades in 1989. Over time, the original release was converted to other devices (such as Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Mega Drive consoles). This remake edition was developed by the creators of the original - Philippe Dessoly and Pierre Adane. The main character of Toki is the titular warrior who enjoyed life in the jungle with his beloved Miho. However, the woman fell victim to the ominous Doctor Vookimedlo, who, with the help of the demon Bashtar, took her to his golden palace and turned the protagonist into a monkey. Toki did not give up and pursued his antagonist, hoping to save his loved one and regain his former form. The action is shown from the side perspective. The gameplay does not differ significantly from other games representing the same genre; the game consists of multiple levels, which players complete by jumping between platforms, avoiding traps, and fighting encountered enemies. Toki, as a monkey, cannot use weapons, but he can spit at his adversaries and thus eliminate them; in addition to the standard opponents, one is bound to encounter the bosses guarding the next levels. On his journey, the protagonist collects power-ups that increase his capabilities. For example, the rabbit's leg increases his dexterity (allowing him to jump higher), keys unlock secret locations, while the helmet protects him from enemy attacks.
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