Löwenzahn 5 [G] Terzio 2001

Based on a successful children's television show, the fifth dandelion CD-ROM is an all around entertaining knowledge transfer with great fun factor. This time, it's about nose, eye, mud, dikes, herbs and railroad. Up to six players can use the CD-ROM and collect the prizes collected at the games in their own railway car. In addition to the informative video sequences from the dandelion programs, there are many challenges that not only bring enthusiasm to the children, but also clearly illustrate the explanations. The best example here is the mussel collecting game, where you direct the fisherman through the Wadden Sea and bring it back home as punctually as possible before the flood. Otherwise, there are rants from the fisherman's wife. Who wants to get the inventor machine to spit out the building instructions for such interesting things as the "television without electricity" or the "marmot octopus". As always, the scenes on Dandelion 5 are colorful. In and around Peter's trailer can be rummaged for hours to discover the individual offers. It should be mentioned positively that the fifth interactive dandelion sequel is not a simple imitation of the television program, but that Peter Lustig has apparently moderated the CD edition again.
German ISO Demo 697MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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