Everpath Pixel Accountant 2019

This is a roguelite RPG with hand-crafted pixel art based on the dungeon system of great games like Binding of Issac or Zelda: A Link to the Past. Procedurally generated weapons, armor, trinkets, scroll bombs and more. Each weapon has its own different playstyle. Embark yourself as a member of the Northbarrow army, choose and personalize your class to find what is lurking in the wilderness of. Attack speed, extra damage, critical hit chance, fire damage, freeze chance, movement speed, block chance, all make for multiple item combinations. As a solo game developer making his first big game I Cannot emphasize how important is to receive players feedback so please comment and critique at will. It has 4 playable characters including the knight, scout, light infantry and a sorceress (which you have to unlock). Each character has 2 unique abilities, additionally to having a different form of dash or auto-attack. There are a few passive bonuses that you can unlock by gaining the levels, including permanent stat boosts with some consumable items.
Download: None currently available

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