Stranger Things 3: The Game BonusXP 2019

This is a 2D beat'em up game, the action of which is set in the universe of the famous Netflix series - Stranger Things. This game was created by the independent studio (creators of Hooky Crook, Project Demonstone, as well as the previous mobile game based on the Stranger Things) franchise. It features the plot related to the third season of the aforementioned show. It's an old-school, isometric brawler where we mainly deal with the enemies appearing on the screen. We have at our disposal several characters, each one with different skills (for example, one of them can throw explosive bullets, and another has the ability to charge at the enemies). From time to time, production also forces us to solve very simple puzzles (e.g. activating the right button to open the door). It can be played alone or with others (within the local cooperation mode).
Download: None currently available

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