Sea of Solitude Jo-Mei Games / Electronic Arts Inc. 2019

An episodic action platformer that deals with themes of love and loneliness. The title was developed by German studio which previously released only browser games. You play as a young girl named Kay, who begins to transform into a dark monster one day. During her solitary journey across the flooded world, Kay is trying to find out what exactly is happening to her. Soon she realizes that her true enemy are not monsters encountered on the way, but something much more powerful and dangerous. This is presented from third-person perspective, and focuses on exploration, solving logic puzzles, and completing arcade challenges. The protagonist can run, jump, swim (or travel by boat), and move various objects in order to reach inaccessible places. It stands out with original graphics, resembling an animated motion picture. The game also conveys a deeper meaning, whose message is that a desperately lonely person may gradually become a monster.
Download: None currently available

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