Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest Specialbit Studio 2019

A strike of lightning ignited an unbelievable and breathtaking chain of events, which made a blogger follow Grim Reaper to the Hell. Angelo’s channel suffers from lack of likes and views. He needs them at any cost. So, he got a glimmer of hope that journey to another world would be rendered into the most trending, liking and hyping video of all time. Hell is inhabited with persons he’ll have to deal with and work hard to solve their problems. Because it’s a Hell. Make a visit to Devil himself. Be careful because... you'll see. In such a place Angelo won’t travel alone. What benefits you can expect: Expressive and vaguely similar to someone characters; Helluva great looking levels (not pixel art); Addictive and mind-blowing puzzles. - you’ll have to think really hard, not as you always do in games; Funny dialogues - the cocktail of humor and philosophy, highly recommended; Too much cocktails are harmful, so our lines are sophisticated. Making you smile and think at the same time by using only a few words (like now); You won’t forget character’s lines, even if you’ll try. Every one of them is a person and has its own problems. Who doesn’t, right? WARNING!!! There is a chance you’ll like hell and won’t be scared of it anymore.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Level Demo 179MB (uploaded by

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