Wizardry Gaiden: Itsutsu no Shiren - Five Ordeals [J] IRI Commerce & Technology Co. Ltd. 2006

It’s nice to see core staff of Wizardry Gaiden reunite and return to the series, even though Prisoners of the Battles and Five Ordeals once again go back to the core rules and monotonous dungeon walls. But the conservative approach also accounts for one of the games’ strengths: The monster graphics are all high resolution versions of the SNES games and look absolutely great. Five Ordeals, as the name implies, contains not one, but five separate quests, each with its own dungeon. Both games’ shared engine is set up to be able to load new episodes, as well. One such episode, “The Absence of Misericordia”, was published through official channels, but there is also an online editor that allows to load user created scenarios.
Japanese ISO Demo *needs crack (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 90MB

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