Reventure Pixelatto 2019

An adventure with 100 different endings - You are a wannabe hero who is supposed to do hero-ish things but sometimes flips off and does crazy stuff instead. One hundred different endings - Choose your path, every decision leads to a new ending; Will you find the real one? Is there such a thing? Only one way to know; Lots of "Aha!" moments - The world is doesn't change with each newgame, you do. Well, actually it DOES change, but that's a secret for you to find out. A big bunch of unlockable stuff - New playable characters, hints, costumes, visual effects and more. Bazillions of secrets and pop-culture references - They are, you know, secrets. So we won't spoil them here ;) Magic - Even a simple-looking-yet-amazing game like this takes a lot of time and big piles of money to make, but you can get it for only a few bucks. How's that for magic? Time travel, battle royale fights, mimics, permadeath, shotguns, mining, resource gathering, base building, global leaderboards, farming... Ok, we may have had exaggerated on that one... or have we??? Humor - Yup, there's that too. Available in many flavours. A beautiful OST.
Download: None currently available

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