Supersonic: The Multimedia Guide To Modern Military Aircraft Interactive Publishing Corporation 1993

The multimedia guide to modern military aircraft. Take the controls and throttle up. Your flight is about to begin. Choose an F-16 Fighting Falcon and get ready to be airborne. View a comprehensive collection of both modern and historic aircraft. This is the most up-to-date atlas of modern military aircraft on one CD-ROM. With stunning graphics and a wealth of aircraft information you'll want to add this to your collection. Fasten your seatbelt and take Supersonic for a ride. A tremendous resource of modern military aircraft. It contains pictures, silhouettes, videos and narrations on over 100 aircraft. Also includes missiles and famous historic aircraft, cockpit simulations and games! Climb aboard the F-16 Fighting Falcon. You are surrounded by a complex array of dials and gauges. Follow your teacher's instructions carefully and take her up. But be careful. Even the slightest mistake could cause you to crash. You'll find a wealth of aircraft information here. Search by aircraft name, type of plane or other descriptive category. View variations of each plane and their silhouettes. Then zoom in for a closer look and watch a video of each plane in flight. 4 exciting aviation type games: Sliding puzzle picture game; Concentration style matching game; Action-packed bombing raid game; Aircraft identification game.
ISO Demo 219MB (uploaded by myloch)

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