Madeline Classroom Companion: 1st & 2nd Grade Math Creative Wonders / The Learning Company 1999

Featuring the dynamic French waif and plenty of entertaining activities, this 2 CD set is judiciously split by grade level. Disc 1, set at the Louvre Museum in Paris, includes 1st grade math, while Disc 2, featuring art from the Musee d’Orsay, encompasses 2nd grade math. Madeline awaits in each museum gallery to invite kids to explore the masterpieces and complete 18 entertaining math exercises. Beginning math is all about memorization and drill, and this program offers plenty of opportunity for both. While it does not explicitly teach math skills, it provides kids with hours of practice in a friendly environment, with beloved and familiar characters. Multi-player games let kids choose to play with friends or alone, against the computer. Skills addressed include addition and subtraction, measurement, problem solving, patterns, fractions, geometric shapes, multiplication, money, and telling time. As an added bonus, girls learn to count in both French and Spanish. Each disc includes a special section with printable, away-from-the-computer activities. Successfully completed activities earn users coins that can be used to purchase postcards, stamps and pictures at the Museum store. The program also includes a printable progress report.
2CD ISO Demo 591MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Madeline 2nd Grade Math - ISO Demo (provided by blakegriplingph & upped by Scaryfun) 146MB

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