KGB in a Tuxedo [Ru] Madia Entertainment / New Disk 2009

Any adventure, conceived by the secret services, for ordinary citizens means only one thing - trouble. This time, Katya Maltseva, a journalist of the Komsomol edition, got into the cover. She did not have time to recover herself when she found herself in the office of Andropov herself. The recruitment went well, and the girl goes where it’s simply impossible for an ordinary person to get to the countries of the West. Now she has to come to grips with the most dangerous intelligence services of the world. Will Katya be able to challenge the professionals ... and stay alive? The quest was created based on the series of detective books by Joseph Shagal of the same name, and a recognized expert, Igor Shevchuk, worked on the game script. In the yard - the 80s of the last century, the era of the great opposition of developed socialism and market economy. You are awaited by the secrets of the secret services and the tangled web of political ambitions! Help the heroine to overcome all sorts of puzzles and riddles. The developed dialogues will allow getting out of the most difficult situations, the main thing is not to lose your head and remember that all means are good in international espionage. Features: A unique quest based on the eponymous book series by Joseph Shagal; Original Soviet themes of the 80s of the last century; Clever riddles, puzzles and thoughtful dialogues; Games of the special services and the atmosphere of international espionage; Various locations - from Andropov’s office to South America.
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Russian ISO Demo 1.40GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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