Outscore Bright Future 2019

In this revolutionary graphic adventure, you will discover a future where every aspect of your life is determined by a governmental system called CITIZEN SCORE. Accompany Alex Murillo in his quest to recover his lost score and figure out who or what is behind his sudden misfortune. Team up with a rich cast of characters inhabiting an all-too-real dystopian world, explore diverse locations within the decadent metropolis of NOVA CITY, and prepare to sharpen your wits as you solve puzzles, establish relationships, and explore this fascinating new world. Meet Alex Murillo on his worst day ever. When everything in your life depends on your CITIZEN SCORE, waking up outside the city with no score, and no recollection of how you got to be in such position, might just be the start of your worst day ever... unless you manage to turn it around very quickly. Choice and consequence - it lets you define the kind of game you want to play through its gameplay-driven narrative choices. It may seem sometimes that your only option is an unsavory one, but there's often a different way to go about things. Don't hesitate to explore new possibilities, and don't jump at every option you're given. An all-too-real dystopia - A government grading citizens based on their behavior may seem like a horrible idea out of the most outlandish science-fiction stories, but it's an all-too-real thing happening in some places right now. Explore the consequences of such an authoritarian system before it becomes a reality for you too. It has an episodic structure, with the demo now available serving as its Prologue (Jun 25). New episodes will be released in a bimonthly schedule: Episode 1 (Aug 1) Having reached the Industrial Sector, Alex will have to navigate a new part of the city filled with opportunities to improve one's score... possibly at the cost of ethical compromises. Of course there's always a different path available to those unwilling to participate in such an authoritarian system. The Steel Union might be able to lend a hand, but the system has its claws deep beneath the factories and downtrodden offices of Nova City. Episode 1 will immediately take you to different places depending on how you managed to escape the slums of San Mateo, continuing and expanding on the branching story line. Episode 2 (Oct), Episode 3 (Dec).
Prologue - Free Game v1.2 46MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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