Krisi sto Aigaio: Crisis at Aegean Sea Genadios Publications 1998

The first Greek war game on PC. New Year's Day of 2000. While the whole world is celebrating welcoming the new millennium, the Turkish general staff 's central office is "crazy" because the date in its memory is set to zero. His CLOCK returns back to the time when the Greek Army disembarks in Asia Minor. The computer is foolish, he thinks the invasion is now and it means a general alarm. The Turks are attacking Greece. Within a few hours the main Greek units in 25 regions of the country have been occupied. In a few days, the guerrilla warfare will begin on the Greek side, trying to rebuild its forces after the enemy 's sudden surge. This is a 100% Greek made game, a combination of strategy, simulation and action, where the player will take on the role of "savior" in the country. So after half of Greece has blinked in the hands of the Turks, the Pentagon asks for the player's help to face them, giving him $30 million. Having got a taste of the weaponry that each country has (with real figures and true photos), it buys any units it chooses. For example, a Navy unit costs four million dollars, three Air Force, Armored two and one Special Forces unit one. Now, the Greek Rapid Reaction Team is ready to take action. The country is divided into five major regions, where the Turks have occupied all strategic posts: Anat. Macedonia and Thrace, West. Macedonia and Epirus, Peloponnese, Central Greece, Crete and the South Aegean. The player selects an area and attacks with whatever unit he chooses. The on-screen environment is as close as possible to real geographic conditions. In combat, he manages an F-16 and tries to defeat enemy aircraft, sailors to sink the ships and submarines that approach him, and in the fighting to destroy their armor. To free a region, of course, it can not avoid the melee battles of the commanders, perhaps the most fascinating of all. Whenever Greeks prevail in a fight, they earn money and buy new units and equipment. The war continues until all the regions are liberated. In other words, the player has to successfully overcome 25 missions, and he can copy new missions from the Internet.
Greek ISO Demo 214MB (uploaded by keropi)

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