Dark Pictures, The: Man of Medan Supermassive Games / Bandai Namco Entertainment 2019

This is a horror adventure game from developer known for titles such as Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda. This is the first production of the band not exclusive tor PlayStation family consoles. Man of Medan launches The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of horror games. Each installment is an independent story in a horror atmosphere, unrelated to other parts of the anthology. The story begins when a group of four Americans who are fans of diving go on an expedition to explore a sunken aircraft from the Second World War. While the wreck is being examined, strange things begin to happen, and the frequency and strength of these events seem to grow with every object extracted from the water. What's worse, the heroes are additionally troubled by the incoming storm and the arrival of a mysterious ship. It's an adventure that focuses on telling an interesting story. In terms of gameplay, the game develops ideas from previous studio games. While playing, we deal with making choices, although there are also simple agility and logical challenges. During the game we can lead five characters - four divers and additionally the captain of the boat on which they sailed to the wreck areas. History is very non-linear. Our decisions affect who will survive, who will die, and which of the many alternative endings we will get. The whole is designed to encourage players to go through the game many times in order to discover all the scenes and challenges prepared by the authors.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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