Sugoman Online [J] Watch out 2003

The purpose of this game is for players to become 'Ichiumi' and become 'Yuibashi' heroines. However, I can not go so easily. Other players are also aiming at the heroine. (Well, it's natural because everyone is 'Ikumi'.) Well, who is the one who can finish the goal first? First, select whether to play the game on a single PC or play a network match. Play with one - Choose the color you want to play. Enter your name if necessary. When you press the "OK" button, the color not selected here becomes CPU operation and becomes map selection. Network match - Select whether you will be host or will already be connected to the match. When you select "become a host", the IP address will be displayed, so please tell the person who will connect from that number. Sorry to trouble you, but please do address notification by your own means. This software does not have the ability to send a message to the user before connecting in the game. You may need to set up your network to be a "host". If you select "Connect to host", please enter the correct address given by "Host". If you are successfully connected, you can exchange messages in the chat window. Chatting is always possible if you are connected to the host. Participation acceptance will end when 4 people connect including the host, or when the host goes to map selection. If the player's response is lost due to a disconnection during network play, the player becomes a CPU operation and the game continues. As you can not join the game on the way, please disconnect the disconnected player and wait for the next entry to reconnect. Map selection - If you choose your favorite map, the game is over. Let's become a heroine Torabura! While dating with a heroine on the map, please make good friends and take them home. If you go around the map one more time and return to the heroine, that player will win. First of all, let's date with the heroine to improve the positivity. The player follows the roulette and moves the map clockwise. If you pass through a square with a heroine, you can date with that heroine. During the date there is less mobility than usual. Sometimes it may be necessary to give up and move on. Let's raise the positivity of the heroine. Even if you can successfully get a heroine, the heroine's favorability is only "3". Let's walk and date the city together to get a good feeling. Depending on the size of the stopped mass, the favorability and money will increase or decrease. Naturally, if the heroine's favor becomes zero, the player is "shook" and the heroine returns to free status on the spot. If the player's money is negative, it will be shaken by the heroine on the spot. You should refrain from extra expenses. If you go home at a date with a heroine, you can choose to have the heroine answering. If you select "Answer" and go around the map, the player wins! It will be. The above is the rough flow of this game.
Japanese ISO Demo 58MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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