3 Cards to Midnight Big Finish Games 2009

This is a new project by Tex Murphy creators Aaron Conners and Chris Jones. The game features a female character in her late 20s who awakens in a room and doesn't remember how she got there. After relating the last thing she remembers, she is told that "a lot of things have happened since then." It is all very Twilight Zone-ish with a structure similar to The Usual Suspects movie in that the game's goal is to unlock flashbacks so that by the conclusion all of the missing pieces will have been filled in. The game unfolds over eight chapters with each chapter expected to take about an hour to complete. Each chapter features between 9-12 cut-scene flashbacks and also an intro and outro cinematic. There will also be multiple endings and levels of difficulty to add to the replayability. The focus will be on the cleverness of the story and the quality of the voice-acting. The gameplay exists to make the story work and not the other way around as is common in many games. This idea originated from the wonderful response to the Tex Murphy Radio Theatre where there was no gameplay or visuals, just the music and acting.
Full Demo 214MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
1-Hour Trial Demo 210MB ( @ Big Fish Games) / 91MB Level Demo (@ ag.ru)
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