Sonic Dreams Collection Arcane Kids 2015

This is a dark parody fangame for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, presented as a collection of four unreleased Sonic games for the Sega Dreamcast. The first game in the set, Make My Sonic, parodies the popular trend of fanmade Sonic characters by promising the player the opportunity to make their own. However, the player has very little control over their creation, being presented only with a few buttons that randomize the body size and color of a 3D model of Sonic. Individual body parts may also be posed. In Sonic Movie Maker, the player can film six-second clips of Sonic and his friends. A variety of different environments and scenarios are included, most of which are sexual in nature, including fetishes such as unbirthing and inflation. An in-game tool allows the videos to be uploaded to Twitter. The last playable game, My Roommate Sonic, puts the player in the role of a human sitting on a couch next to Sonic. Dr. Eggman, watching from outside the window, sends texts to the player's in-game phone with advice on how to proceed with the situation. Oculus Rift support is included for this specific game in the collection. Eggman Origin, an alleged MMO, can be played if the player solves some out-of-game puzzles. It features a mostly-empty void sparsely populated with surreal versions of Eggman and other characters. The "server" only supports a single player, but a real online leader board tracks players' progress.
Free Game 112MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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