Caribbean Sail, The Victorian Clambake 2017

Set sail across the Atlantic with your best friend, food. Food will keep you alive and food will keep you well- you get food by throwing harpoons at fish and turtles. Then one day BAM! The RNG screws you over and throws a pirate ship at you and you're forced to fight and defend your food. The next thing you know, Johnny Macguffin is dying from an infected battle wound and you're amputating his leg to save his life - then you realize everyone is starving because Marvin Buttercup ate all the food and you're out of harpoons, on a raft, 2,000 miles from land, and it's raining. The story is yours and unique every playthrough. Features: 8-bit renditions of nautical shanties and folk songs; Online messages in bottles; Changing your flag to fool your enemies; A branching storyline for you to become a Pirate or Privateer; Liars Dice; Harpoon Fishing; Treacherous Reefs; Naval Skirmishes; Eleven locations around the world to visit; Barnacle Scraping; Hypnotic Water; Particle Effects; Dark Whimsy; Secrets and Easter eggs; Narwhal attacks; and NO crafting! I promise! Two large content expansions are being developed and will be added for free: Route Planning - Plot your own course across the Atlantic and visit new locations; Fantasy Toggle - Fantastic legends of the sea, myths, monsters, and more brought to life.
Download: None currently available

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