BluBoy: The Journey Begins Hussain A 2019

Early Access Release This is a third-person Environment based puzzle stealth adventure game. Experience the amazing adventure along with Bluboy and solve the most challenging puzzle ever. Read the Environment, Explore, Be Patient. A Teen age boy going in search of his missing grandfather. On the way of his journey he discovers more secrets and surprises. Gameplay is mostly stealth based: Sneak, Hide, Distract, Solve environment based puzzles to clear you path. Game consist of one main location. The game also has dialogue system which leads the missions. The game offers Special Abilities that will be useful to distract and attack enemies. There are also some interesting and fun mini games, and challenges as you pass through the journey. You will unlock a Flying Drone that will be the main part of the gameplay as you move on. You will also be able to control some machinery that affects the gameplay. There are some interesting collectibles. It's not going to be just for numbers or achievements but also be useful for gameplay.
Download: None currently available

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