Dogurai Hungry Bear Games 2019

In a dystopian future, where Armies and the Police were replaced by robots and machines, their creator decided to take over the world. Now, it's up to Bones, a retired dog samurai from the Special Forces, to fight against the robot menace alone. You will face several robot leaders in an action-packed platforming throughout the city, fighting in urban sewers, military facilities, factories and even in sky-high structures. Each level features several gimmicks and different challenges inspired by classic platformers from the past decades, as well as different enemies and memorable boss encounters. Features: Play as Bones, a samurai dog with plenty of moves familiar to platforming fans. Perform double jumps, slice bullets in half and finish off enemies with special combos; Fight through 8 different stages with different challenges and enemies - from slippery ice to motorcycle rides across the desert; Defeat powerful bosses with unique attacks and movesets; Retro graphics and sound inspired by action platformers from the 90s; Compatible with game controllers for a more authentic experience; Boopable snooter.
Download: None currently available

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