3 Investigators, The: Bombs in Rocky Beach / Die drei ??? 2: Bomben in Rocky Beach [G] USM Junior Verlag / Kosmos 2000

The Three Investigators was an American juvenile detective book series started by Robert Arthur, Jr. first published as "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators." The three young teenage boys are Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews. Most of the mysteries involved investigation of baffling phenomena. It has a huge following in Germany where many other books were published and where radio plays of the stories were even more popular. In this second game, Rocky Beach is suddenly shaken by an explosion. The engine of a car flies through the air. The three investigators find out that this is not the first mysterious auto explosion. The police arrest a service-station attendant, with whom all vehicles were shortly before the misfortune in repair. But the service-station attendant protests his innocence and turns with an assistance call to the three investigators. In the process of the game you collect clues, identify fingerprints in the laboratory, crack locks, air out secrets and learn to go around many dangers. Because only cleverness and a good amount of criminal investigation will lead the exciting process to a happy ending.
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German Full Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 200MB

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