Caprice and Fairy Tales / Kaprizka i skazki [Ru] PED them. L. I. Kuzmina, studio / New Media Generation 2003

This is a literary quest from the series “Literary Prikamye for Children (Golden Collection)”. It's dedicated to the creative work of the famous Perm children's writer Vladimir Ivanovich Vorobyov. His heroes are Kaprizka, Vaska the Cat, Dressing Room-Dressing Room, Vitya Zavidkin, Stepa-Nepotepa and Fidget. They will acquaint children with a fabulous and amazing world full of unusual adventures, surprises and mysteries. Contains: 2 modes of viewing and playing; collected works of the writer (137 works for children and adults); over 70 works sounded by speakers; 25 interactive games (including: a travel game, interactive crosswords, quizzes, puzzles); 2 full-length animated films; 3 auxiliary indexes (alphabetical index of titles, index of genres and index of characters); Keyword search system for all texts of works; an animated photo exhibition about the life and work of V. Vorobiev and his biography, voiced by the speaker. This multimedia cd-rom instills in children a love for literary creativity, develops imagination, visual memory and logical thinking.
Russian ISO Demo 236MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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