Gwent: Crimson Curse CD Projekt RED 2019

This is the first add-on to Gwent, a card game set in the universe of the Witcher series - a world inspired by the prose of the Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The plot background of this production depicts a conflict with vampires. The expansion introduces more than 100 new cards. The authors of the basic version (as well as the The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077), i.e. the well-known native CD Projekt RED studio, are responsible for its creation. It focuses on the figure of Dettlaff van der Eretein, known from the Witcher 3 expansion entitled Blood and Wine. When the title bloody moon appears in the sky as a result of a dark ritual, a mortally dangerous taller vampire calls on his fellow men to fight mortals. Crimson Curse introduces more than 100 new cards. Thirty one of them is neutral, the others are assigned to individual fractions (equally - each received 14). With the new cards, the production has been enriched with twelve keywords and a related mechanics. These are: Bonded (can be activated when you control a copy of a card), Deathblow (is activated when a unit has destroyed an enemy), Purify (removes all statuses), Bleeding (deals 1 damage point at the end of a turn), Berserk (strengthens the card, we can activate it when the unit reaches half life), Shield (blocks the next damage dealt to the unit), Poison (destroys the unit when it has accumulated two such statuses), Harmony (strengthens the card by 1 each time when a player enters a Scoia'tael table from a unique base category), Assimilate (strengthens a unit by 1 when we play a card not belonging to our base deck), Dominance (we can activate this ability if we control the strongest unit on the battlefield), Vitality (strengthens a card by 1 at the end of a turn), and Formation (gives zeal to units fighting in a short circuit or strengthens a card in the second row by 1 card).
Free Game Expansion (uploaded by Official Site)

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