Hide or Die VecFour Digital 2019

This is a large scale asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where all players start together in an underground bunker. After the doors slide open the survivors flood the area looking for supplies, traps, objectives, and if they choose to; the darkness. Those avoided the darkness will need to traverse the now dangerous environment and activate fuse boxes around the level to reroute power from the bunker to the light tower. Once fully powered, it will clear the way for players in their journey to the next section. Survivors are now faced with a question: Use the tower for temporary safety or risk it all by bypassing the tower to get to the next section first. Ultimately survivors will need to continue to travel through the increasingly dangerous world until they are killed or they themselves are consumed by the darkness. The final remaining survivor will have the opportunity to find an equalizer in the world to square off against the hunter. They will fight to the death or die trying. Procedural Worlds - Our procedural level system forces players to create & execute their survival strategy on the fly. The location of supplies, items, objectives, and the darkness are random ensuring that each time you try to survive or kill, it is different from the last. The most important part of the system is the procedural journey to survival through seamless, hand-crafted environments. From suburb neighborhood cul-de-sacs to backwood farm swamps you'll cross into unpredictable scenarios from all angles. Dedicated Servers - Better performance. Smoother gameplay. Worldwide support. The Darkness - This is essentially the item in the world that corrupts and changes a survivor into a killer if looked at for too long. This lets players dynamically control who becomes the hunter. It can appear anywhere throughout the world, but can be found by following the darkness trails wisping across the level. These trails always point to the corrupting source. The player consumed by it will be the killer for the current section as they try to kill all of the survivors. If they fail to prevent the survivors from rerouting the power to clear the darkness, then it leaves them which returns them back into who they were before the corruption; a survivor. The darkness then moves into the next section looking for the next survivor to corrupt. Showdown - When the only players that remain are the hunter and one survivor, the game enters a "showdown" mode. The level fills with dense dark fog, limiting player visibility and forcing closer encounters. A few weapons the survivor can use to defend themselves spawn around the level. These weapons aren't shown on any mini-map or HUD, and players will need to search for the weapon to stand a chance against the much more powerful hunter. Loot - The items that the player can collect throughout the level are used to upgrade and unlock their clothes, survivor items, hunter weapons, skins, character traits/abilities, item effectiveness, and a lot more. It certainly isn't required, as the main objectives result in the biggest rewards, but every little bit counts if you want to have the load-out and customization you desire. Equipment - Items like stun guns, camouflage clothes, pepper sprays, noise makers, and traps are just some of things to be found in the world. items are important in helping you survive the darkness, wild animals, and the hunter. Equipment can be upgraded and skilled up just as your player can be, so it opens up a lot of possibilities for specialized play styles. Ranking as well as utilizing your supplies found can go towards new clothing items, various skins, item/weapon upgrades, and tools you use during gameplay such as traps. Phone - Each survivor has a phone that allows them to text chat between each other. It also has apps on it such as a flashlight, and a map of the area. Admin messages show in the phone when players die and the group count is updated so you always know how close you are to the showdown. Fuse Boxes - Each section will have a varying number of fuse boxes located in the world. These have switches that are randomly generated and have to all be turned on to enable that zone's power.
Download: None currently available

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