Inanimate Mr. Coatrack, The Powerhoof 2019

Dr. Victor Bernhardt is on the verge of conquering the last great frontier... Death. Everything is ready, thanks to the recently deceased Argyle Coatrack, who donated his organs for science... though only his brain was salvageable after his fatal fall from a 3rd story window. But... Mr. Coatrack wouldn't let a little thing like that set him back. This is a bawdy buddy-comedy adventure full of sweary undead shenanigans, jokes about willies, and plenty of dismembered limbs. Instructions: Click ground to walk, and objects/characters to interact; Move your mouse to the top of screen to open your inventory; Equip items by clicking them; Use an equipped item by clicking it on an object or character; Right Click, or Click empty space to unequip the current item. Originally made in 2 weeks for Adventure Jam 2019 where it was the #1 rated game. Created with PowerQuest for Unity. A 2d adventure game tool, made by Dave.
Free Game v1.1.0 152MB (uploaded by

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