Desert Law Arise / 1C Company 2005

This is a real-time strategy game set in the southern states of post-apocalyptic America with some RPG elements. Unlike other RTS titles, there is no base building. Instead, the focus is entirely on combat between small groups of armored vehicles. The main character is Brad, part of a small and generally peaceful community. When the settlement is attacked and his girlfriend is kidnapped, he sets out with a band of friends to wreak vengeance and save his love. The light-hearted story is told through comic book cutscenes as well as in-mission dialog. The game is spread over 29 missions, with multiple objectives ranging from defense, to rescue, to all-out assault. The control scheme (and even the hot-keys) are strongly reminiscent of Command & Conquer, while the highly-detailed isometric visuals are similar in style to the first two Fallout games. The graphics are a mix of 2D backgrounds with 3D-modelled vehicles and destructible elements. 'Hero' characters must be kept alive. Each of these people has individual stats which increase with experience. Their stats give benefits to the vehicle they're riding in (e.g. better firepower or better handling). There are also specialized characters like the mechanic, who can repair damaged vehicles. The engine is a modified version of the one used in Nival's Blitzkrieg series.
DVD ISO Demo 827MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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