Nijiiro Twinkle [J] ASCII Entertainment 1997

This is a cute and cuddly Puyo Puyo clone mixed with plenty of fresh spices of its own bringing to make a sweet mull of an action puzzle title. The game features different game modes: Story Mode - 6 different stories depending of the character that the player choose; Time attack - Choose one of the 6 characters and play in different puzzles with a time limit that the player has to survive; Vs Mode - Play againts a computer opponent; 2 Player vs Mode - Each player choose a character and play one against the other; Practice. The game features also a complete tutorial in japanese and different 6 different characters to choose and play against. Aimed at the large chain and turn crazy in a block of ground color, Tetris type game outstanding exhilaration. The Battle bet "to mode Ri-strike" fun conversation between a character, the CG was get "trade-Battle Mode", "Mode Challenge" extend the record, Thai "aim high score in a limited time loaded entirely mode, etc. with "No attack". Features: First person perspective; 2D graphics; Cartoon graphics; Fantasy theme.
PSX Screenshots
Japanese ISO Demo 72MB (uploaded by myloch)

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